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The period of working with Adam has been truly refreshing and transformative. We worked on a lifestyle based approach to working out. Looking at not only strength and physical performance, but also mental performance and food which allowed for increase in energy during the week and a more balanced approach to my physical health. Eat, move, sleep and recover are now stronger parts of my routine. Thanks Adam :)

Beejay Mulenga MD Supa Network.

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Adam was the second trainer I met at Manor W1 since joining three years ago. He, along with the other committed and affable guys here, is the reason I joined up as a member and I’ve been a regular ever since. It’s the trainers who form the team, and through being at Manor I’ve become part of a small group of friendly people whom I’ve got to know better through exercising with.

There are bolder and brasher trainers here- they’re all good- but that’s not Adam’s style- he’s the quiet one. He smiles but he’s serious and listens before he speaks. In sessions, Adam clearly focuses on technique, and while you sense he personally can’t tolerate bad form, he’s always encouraging and gently corrects. He merely wants you to optimise your performance- nothing more than that.

In a desire to get weight and BMI down I have been having weekly online nutritional advice from Adam, which has helped reverse the ‘78kg stasis’ I found myself in. He has modified my diet, increased nutritional awareness of foodstuffs, advised on supplements and basically changed what and how I eat. Since working with him my weight has dropped 3kg. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but notably I experienced no weight gain- even over a boozy and exercise-free Christmas period; I can indulge, as I occasionally do, but the weight stays off- and I hope it will going forward.

Most importantly I now feel lighter in mind as well as body; but then I assume this is part of Adam’s holistic approach that mental and physical well-being are one and the same goal. He is a pleasure to know and work with. I recommend him warmly.

Jan-Carlos Kucharek, Architect and Senior editor, RIBA Journal.


Quite simply worth every penny. Knowledge, enthusiasm and motivation in abundance. If you are thinking about it but not sure whether it’s worth it then quite simply do it and you won’t regret it. And just a nice person too.

I started training with Adam when I was training for a half iron man which I’d never done before and the programme had a monumental impact on my success as I wouldn’t have been able to increase my training mileage without this.

After the iron man and being very skinny I went on to train to increase my strength and in just 6 months was significantly stronger and noticeably bigger.

I have learnt massive amounts which will influence my training for the rest of my life and due to Adam focusing on perfect form I feel I have a fantastic base to continue to increase on anything I do moving forward.

I have historically damaged a disc in my spine which has constantly affected my performance but this has improved significantly whilst training with Adam despite me lifting more and more often.

Simon Welch, Acquisitions and Special Projects, Galliard Homes.

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I worked with Adam for just over 6 months; with his help and patients its helped me understand taking time and organising yourself is really what you need to succeed. Adam has such a great way with how he approaches things and makes you feel it's all about you and that one size does not fit all.

Everyone is different and Adam is great at adjusting to suit everyone. I really cannot speak highly enough; he really know his stuff and with his patients really makes a world of difference if you are just starting out.

Daniel Green, Bearings South West.

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I knew Adam from martial arts and fitness classes previously. Last year I decided to take my fitness into my own hands and, early this year I realised that my inconsistency, lack of structure and accountability had actually made me gain body fat and generally not feel that great, despite still going to the gym a few times a week!


This is why I reached out to Adam, and I made the perfect choice. With three Months of Adams online coaching programme he provided me with a tailored nutrition regime that fit into my lifestyle and didn’t feel like a diet, making corrections when needed and working with me to find a perfect balance. Training became structured and progressive, this is a structure I have followed since and I’m gaining results over a month after my coaching! By having Adam in my corner for three months, I found not only my fitness improving my general health and energy levels. I now have the tools an knowledge to go it alone! Adam is a teacher and I believe anyone who is interested in become the best version of themselves to invest in a few months of his guidance. Thank you Adam!

Ricky Boezalt, BBC

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