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The Top 4 Ways to Build Explosive Power

This blog is going to show you 4 of the most effective ways to increase your explosive power.  Whether you want to be more athletic, jump higher, run faster, perform better in everyday life or and throw a more power kick or punch.  I’m going to show you the most effective ways to do so.

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Build strength to boost fat loss, improve performance and increase longevity.

I’m a strong believer that strength is the foundation of all other aspects of training.  Agility, speed, power and endurance will all be effected directly or indirectly on qualities of muscular strength.   Becoming stronger will put you in a better position to burn body fat and can even increase longevity.

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Top 20 Fat Loss Tips

I wrote this blog to provide you with some quick fat loss tips.  Some simple and actionable things you can implement straight away, that are very effective at helping you burn fat.  If you follow some of these tips on a consistent basis then I guarantee you’ll change the shape of your body.  Have a read, find what’s useful and start doing it!

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