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Autumn Recipes

Autumn is the season for pumpkin, squash, apples, asparagus and Brussel sprouts.  In this weeks blog I’m going to share some Autumn recipes that I’ve dug up from nutrition coaches and friends.  I’ll also provide a calorie break down and macro split which can help if your tracking or just give you an idea of what your consuming.

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How walking burns fat, boosts mental wellbeing and increases longevity.

Unless someone has a condition or injury then most people have the ability to walk, but the unfortunate truth is people aren’t walking enough.  And yes, something as simple as walking can help burn fat, boost mental well being and increase how long you live on this planet.  

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What is protein and how will it help change your body?

People can get confused about protein.  Most people I come into contact with are not sure what foods are high in protein, and are way off the mark on how much they should be eating to benefit their training or goals.  Protein intake is a controversial topic in the fitness space.  There are conflicting views on high protein diets, how much one should eat and if eating too much is harmful for you're health.

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