Top 20 Fat Loss Tips

The majority of people I come into contact with want to change the shape of their body.  I often hear the words shaped and toned, which actually means carrying less body fat and increasing lean muscle tissue.  You might be reading this blog as you’re not happy with your body right now.  You don't feel comfortable in your body which effects your confidence and self esteem.  Or you might be happy with your body, but would love to see some definition in your midsection, back or legs?  

People get stuck on losing body fat.  There is so much information out there it is hard to know what is the right and what is wrong.  With so much to read and conflicting views it becomes whelming which makes the task of losing body fat even harder.

There is such a focus on reduction and loss as a sign of achievement in the fitness space.  People think that eating less and exercising more is the answer.  I see many people hammering themselves in the gym, restricting calories which always leads to no results.  

I wrote this blog to provide you with some quick fat loss tips.  Some simple and actionable things you can implement straight away, that are very effective at helping you burn fat.  If you follow some of these tips on a consistent basis then I guarantee you’ll change the shape of your body.  Have a read, find what’s useful and start doing it!


1. Lift weights

Lifting weights increases lean muscle tissue.  Muscle tissue is more metabolically taxing to keep on the body which increases resting metabolism.  A cascade of hormones are released when you lift weights that plays a role in burning body fat and building muscle.

  • Weight train 3 times a week, lift heavy and focus on multi joint compound lifts.

2. Sleep

Quality sleep makes you more insulin resistant.  This enables you to store carbs better by shuttling them into muscle tissue rather than fat cells.  Sleep regulates optimum hormone production, which helps you grow, repair and boosts metabolism.  

  • Get to bed by 10pm and aim for 7-9 hours of deep quality sleep each night.

3. Walk

Increasing your steps increases your NEAT. (non exercises activity thermogenesis) This raises your energy expenditure and you burn more calories. 20-30 mins of fasted walking in the morning works wonders at burning body fat.  Walking also lowers blood pressure and enhances mental wellbeing.

  • Aim to get a minimum of 10,000 steps in during the day.

4. Eat lean protein at each meal.

Lean protein helps rebuild and repair muscle tissue.  It has a high thermic effect which spikes the metabolism.  Protein keeps you satiated and can’t get stored as body fat.  

  • Men eat 2 palm sizes at each meal and women 1 to 1 1/2 palm sizes.

5. Drink water.

Thirst is often mistaken for hunger.  Dehydration causes daytime fatigue, foggy memory and irritability.  It also significantly decreases energy levels and you won’t feel like training.  Being dehydrated reduces the efficiency of the kidneys which passes the functions over to the liver, and the liver become less efficient at metabolising fat.  

  • Start with 1 litre per 25kg of bodyweight and increase on training days.

6. De stress

Chronic stress releases high amounts of the stress hormone, Cortisol.  Constant exposure to cortisol stresses the adrenals, and leads to fat storage.  Learning how to calm the nervous system regulates normal hormone production and you’ll be more efficient at burning fat.

  • Mediation, walks, time with friends, doing something you enjoy, laughing and smiling are all ways to destress.

7. Have a high fat/high protein breakfast.

This keeps blood sugar in check, and your body using fat as fuel during the day.  Keeping blood sugar stable will prevent cravings and the risk of going off track.  

  • Eggs and avocado, salmon or steak and eggs with light veggies are great breakfast options.

8. Hire a Coach.

A coach will design a periodised training/nutrition programme based on your lifestyle.  A good coach provides clear goals, keeps you accountable and helps you achieve results.  A structured plan and guidance keeps you motivated and your chances of losing body fat are much higher.

  • If you’re interested in achieving your goals or taking your fitness to the next level then get in touch.

9. Avoid alcohol.

Alcohol is recognised as poison in the liver.  All processes of muscle building and fat burning stop until it has left the system.  It’s not that you cant drink, but limit alcohol to certain days of the week.  

  • Schedule it into your day, eating lower fat, lower carbs on drinking days.  Lighter alcohol contains less calories.

10. Tell friends.

Telling your friends provides social accountability.  Announce your fat loss journey on social media and tell as many people as you can.  We perform better when people are watching and the likely hood of others keeping you accountable is stronger than if you do it alone.

  • Post a before pic on social media and let everyone know about your goal. Sign up for a fitness event and tell all your family, friends and colleagues. 

11. Track your food

Tracking your food lets you know how much, or how little you're eating for your energy expenditure.  Think of your daily caloric intake as an allowance.  When you track you know how much to eat, or if you need to eat more dependant on your goals.

  • Use a tracking app like My Fitness Pal

12.  Use your handfuls

If tracking seems like a chore than use a simple handfuls guide to portion your meals.

  • Simply follow the instructions on the article

13. Eat your veggies

Veggies contain vital minerals, enzymes and micronutrients that boost good gut bacteria.  Veggies are high in fibre that keeps you fuller longer and prevents overeating on empty calories.

  • Eat a wide variety as possible, getting plenty of colours into your daily diet.

14. Have a kitchen makeover

Get all the junk out of the house.  If it’s not in the house then you won’t eat it.  Then stock up on real ‘wholefoods’ that are nutrient dense.  

  • Lay all your food out on the kitchen table and bin anything thats highly processed.  Stock up on ‘real foods’ provided by the earth such as fruits, veggies and high quality animal products.

15. Focus on one habit at a time.

Having a huge health kick overhaul rarely leads to success.  Instead think of including behavioural goals.  These are small habits you can easily add into your lifestyle each week.  Adherence to small changes builds momentum and the success of fat loss increases.

  • I will eat eggs for breakfast 3 times this week, or I will only drink once this week are behavioural goals.

16. Eat carbs.

Carbs wont get stored as body fat IF you eat the right kind at the right times.  Simply have more carbs on training days, or save the majority of your carbs for the meal after training or before bed.  Eat less carbs on non training days.

  • Sweet potatoes, oats, wild rice, white potatoes/rice and veggies are all great choices.

17. Sprint.

Have you seen a sprinters physique?  There is a reason they are ripped.  Sprinting burns a lot of calories, it builds muscle tissue in the lower body and you’ll continue to burn calories for up to 36 hours after.

  • Sprinting 50 metres for 6-8 sets is a good place to start.

18. Balance you meals.

Spread your meals evenly through the day, aiming for 4-5 meals.  Eat even amounts of protein, fats and veggies.  This will stabilise blood sugar and prevent over eating.

  • 30-35g of protein at each meal can work for most people.  Use your handful as a guide or track on My Fitness Pal.

19. Take a before picture.

Body weight and body fat measurements fluctuate so much.  Having a pic really shows the changes in your body and provides great motivation.  Put the picture somewhere you can see it everyday.

  • Take pics every two weeks.

20. Recover.

It’s paramount to rest just as much as you train.  Training is stress on the body and you need to recover so the body can adapt.  When you take time to recover you’ll be able to train harder in the next session. No rest leads to high stress, burn out and fatigue.

  • Simply rest as much as you train, or spread 3-4 training days through the week and recover the remaining. 

I hope you found some of these tips helpful?  It's important to stay consistent, everyone is different but things take time and it's better to do things slowly, be in it for the long haul as results will last a lifetime.  Let me know if these have helped or if you are having any struggles.