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Helping everyday people achieve their full potential through Training and Nutrition.


About me

My name is Adam, I am a ex professional Muay Thai fighter, now turned Strength and Nutrition coach.  

I have been training my whole life, starting Judo at the age 8, I dabbled in Football, Athletics, Kung Fu, when I found my love in Muay Thai.  With 20+ years experience in the sport, and an extensive fighting career I lived and fought in Thailand, fought for my country and for British titles.

I learnt a lot during those fighting days.  A brutal training regime, strict calorie restriction and uneducated training and lifestyle choices pushed my body to the limits, I suffered, I sacrificed, came out the other end feeling bruised, battered with long term injuries. My past experiences taught me many lessons on how to achieve a great physique, and improve performance which have shaped my coaching physiology today.  

Training intelligently, sustainable nutrition habits and longevity based lifestyle choices are at the forefront of my coaching, and what I believe will not only help you achieve long term results, but also allow you enjoy the process.  

I now help men achieve the body they want, with the improved performance and self confidence that comes with it.  I’ve been there, I’ve been confused about training, nutrition and how to improve my physique.  I’ve lacked confidence, self esteem, and through my years of failures and mistakes, have gained the knowledge that I want to pass on. To help you become the best possible version of yourself.  

We DON’T have to kill ourselves to get results, getting a great physique can be easier than you think, and I look forward to showing you how.




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